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The Rogers Centre and CN Tower help illuminate Toronto. Photo by: City of Toronto.

NAACP Issues “Travel Advisory” for Missouri

Jonathan Trager

A travel warning issued by the Missouri NAACP and adopted by the national NAACP—the first-ever issued by the 108-year-old civil rights organization—has generated a firestorm of controversy and elicited deep concern from hospitality industry leaders.
Issued in June after the passage of SB 43, which toughens legal standards for harassment and discrimination lawsuits, the advisory urges visitors to Missouri to exercise caution. The bill was signed by Gov. Eric Greitens on June 30 and goes into effect on Aug. 28.

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Santa Monica Hotel Hit with $310,000 Fine
for Hiding Campaign Contributions

By Grant Broadhurst

The 215-room Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica, California not only laundered bedding but also $97,350 worth of campaign contributions. That is what the hotel agreed in paying a $310,000 fine to the State of California.
From 2012 to 2015, the hotel disguised 62 contributions to local political candidates and groups it thought would oppose a competing hotel from building an expansion. The hotel has admitted to the facts of the wrongdoing and has agreed to pay the maximum $310,000 fine into the State of California’s General Fund, pending approval by the California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) on August 17.

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John H. Graham, IV, CAE Shares Thoughts on ASAE’s Past, Present & Future

By Todd McElwee

Aug. 1 was a standard summer afternoon in Washington, D.C. Hot, humid and full of activity it was also an anniversary, marking 14 years since John Graham, IV, CAE, became President & CEO of ASAE. Speaking with USAE that afternoon from ASAE’s headquarters it was an occasion for retrospection as well as examination of the present and glimpse down the road.

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What a Difference an “S” Makes

By Todd McElwee

Integrating two North American conferences, Reed Travel Exhibitions’ ibtm events announced it was combining ibtm latin america and ibtm america to create ibtm americas.
Mexico City will host the combined shows debut Sept. 5-6, 2018

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Trump Airbnb… While combing over the internet, HOTS discovered that you can stay at President Donald Trump’s childhood home in Queens, New York through Airbnb. According to the listing, the home hasn’t changed much since Fred and Mary Trump lived there with their little bundle of joy, Donald. Maybe it’s time to make Trump’s childhood home great again. However, the listing notes, “There is a giant cut out of Donald in the Living Room, he is a great companion for watching Fox News late into the night...” HOTS assumes the Trumps didn’t have this design feature. The rate per night is $725, plus Airbnb’s service fee, but that’s actually not too bad since the listing says the 5-bedroom home sleeps 20 and has 17 beds. Unfortunately, the host doesn’t allow parties, so you’ll have to go on a rather sedate trip to Queens with 19 of your closest friends. It’s also not affiliated with Trump in any way, which probably shouldn’t be surprising, and it doesn’t yet have any reviews. For its part, HOTS thinks it will wait until Trump’s latest digs become available on Airbnb: the White House.



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