Advertiser FAQs

Why should my CVB or hotel advertise with USAE?

 USAE provides advertisers the prestige of print as well as the efficiency of ‘e.’ Add to that USAE’s unique positioning in the meetings publications space. The others focus on the “how-to”; but only USAE focuses on industry news; providing information subscribers need when making decisions about their next meeting.

How many subscribers receive USAE’s print and digital products?

USAE has more than 2,000 prestige print readers and nearly 60,000 digital subscribers.

What size ads are available?

Print ads are available in sizes ranging from two-page spreads to full pages, half pages and quarter pages. You can also ‘buy out’ our front page or even a complete issue.

Online, you have lots of choices: popular E-Blasts, sponsorships of the First News Monday, Photo of the Week and Webinar Wednesday pages; banners in and USAE-MAIL and, of course digital-only ads within First News Monday.

Regarding digital advertising, what metrics do you supply?

Metrics are essential to measuring your campaign’s success. Accordingly, we promptly provide reports with: Circulation, Total Received, Unique Opens, Open Rate, Total Opens, Total Clicks and Unique Clicks. And, a USAE exclusive, for all Unique Clicks, email addresses for follow-up.

Does USAE still publish daily issues at PCMA, MPI, and ASAE?

Yes! It’s where we first cut our chops! We publish both print and ‘digital editions and USAE’s staff is always there to hand-deliver the print edition to attendees.

How about Merchandising Value-Addeds?

Yes. USAE’s representatives work one-on-one with you to craft the best package of advertorials, banners and other value-addeds that are usually worth double your cash cost.

How do I get started?

Click here. We’ll have someone call you straightaway. And, thank you!

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