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No other publication is as inclusive as USAE in its news coverage. We keep you abreast of the world of associations plus important news of CVB tourism organizations and meetings-related hotels. USAE is a quick, ‘must read’ wherever you work.

I receive USAE-MAIL. Why should I subscribe to the full newspaper?

USAE-MAIL is a glimpse of all you’ll find in weekly USAE. Let’s just say it’s the news appetizer to USAE’s entrée and dessert.

How much is a USAE subscription?

Many people still like holding a newspaper; reading it in print. We are equally old-fashioned that way. All we ask is you help pay our printer and the U.S. Postal Service. For $175 you will receive a weekly print copy of USAE in the mail. As well, you will also receive an easy-to-read ‘e’ version; First News Monday. And as a bonus we will email you USAE-NEWS briefs every Tuesday and Thursday plus our Webinar Wednesday Calendar.

But, if print is not your thing, for $24.95 you can still receive all of USAE’s news content via email; just not from the post office.

All well and good; but couldn’t I find all of USAE’s news content myself?

Sure, if you had nothing else to do with your time. That’s why USAE has a full-time staff of reporters dedicated to this task.

OK, I’m sold. Where do I sign up?

 Click Here. And thank you!


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