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USAe-MAIL is published every Tuesday and Thursday. Rate includes logo, link and up to 50-words of text.

 List Composition: Our audience is 100% opted-in association executives, corporate and independent meeting planners and  other industry executives from the CVB and hospitality sector. In total we have over 59,000+ unique registrants.

Metrics: USAeMAIL guarantees over 522,000 impressions per month.

Ad Specifications: Logos can be static GIF or JPG 72-100 dpi, max width 700 pixels x 120-pixels deep.7K maximum weight. Body copy limited to 50-words.

 Deadline: Space reservations and copy are due not less than five calendar days prior to the date of issue. If ad content is delayed beyond the due date, copy that appeared in the preceding insertion will be used.


Location         No. Issues      Guaranteed        1 Month             3 Month       6 Month

In E-Mail         Per Mo.      Impressions/Mo.   Gross Rate       Gross Rate  Gross Rate


First ad on pg        8                   522,000               $4,895               $4,592         $4,218

Second ad on pg.  8                   522,000               $4,620               $4,262         $3,971

Third ad on pg.      8                   522,000               $4,455               $4,180         $3,685

Fourth ad on pg     8                   522,000               $4,262               $3,932         $3,547

Photo of Week

Sponsorship          8                   522,000                $5,076              $4,757          $4,592


Note: Ads are sold in month-long increments but the issues in which they appear can be spread out over time.


Merchandise Value-Addeds: Weekly after each ad runs, USAe will send advertisers a spreadsheet containing the following information:


Circulation, Total Received, Unique Opens, Open Rate, Total Opens, Total Clicks and Unique Clicks.

For all Unique Clicks, USAe will provide e-mail addresses for advertiser follow-up.


CAN-SPAM Disclaimer

The “click-through” e-mail addresses of individuals responding to your USAE-MAIL ad or e-blast provided by USAE’s E-Metrics Plus are being sent to you as a courtesy.

It is a violation of the federal CAN-SPAM Act to send unsolicited e-mails to individuals who have not opted-in to receive email since recipients of e-mail must give Affirmative Consent to the sender.

Accordingly, by accepting these USAE’s E-Metrics Plus e-mail addresses you agree to only contact individuals associated with these email addresses by telephone or other means until these individuals explicitly and affirmatively grant you permission to contact them by e-mail.

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