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23/2024 Print Rate Card


2023/2024 B/W Rates

Display Ad Size   Live Width & Depth        1x Rate            3x Rate         6x Rate        

Back Cover        8.75 x 11.75                       $8,662             $8,112             $  7,689

Full Page           8.75 x 11.75                       $6,077             $5,742             $  5,494

Full Spread        18 x 11.75                          $12,155           $11,484           $  10,961

1/2 Page  6.25″x 8.75” or 8.75” x 6.25″      $5,038             $4,675             $  4,537

1/2 Page Sprd   12.5″ x 8.75″                      $10,076           $9,350             $  8,195

1/4 Page             4.25” x 4.25”                     $2,722             $2,557             $  2,475


Full Page Image Area: 8.75″ x 11.75″

Bleeds:  Size for a full-page bleed is 10” x 13.5”. Size for a full-page spread bleed is 20” x 13.5”
USAE is trimmed to a final full-page size of 9.5” x 13” or a full-page bleed size of 19” x 13.5” Each full-page image area is 8.75” x 11.75”.
Anything you want to insure is far enough from the trim, should be within the image area.

Color: For 4-color process add $775 per issue.

Important Production Note: All print ads also appear in USAE’s weekly “e” turn-the-page edition.

Bleeds: Only available on full-page ads; no additional charge. Note: Image area is 8.75″ x 11.75″. Content outside of live area could be lost.

Important Production Note:

Desktop/Tablet: 690 px (wide) x 892 px (tall)



Other Advertising Opportunities                             Net Cost

Jumbo Wrap: flat 16 x 8; folded 8 x 8”                     $12,265

Bellyband 1x rate:                22” x 5                          $   8,580

Bellyband Special 4x Rate   22” x 5”                          $ 14,107

Flag: 21 ¾” x 6.5” + ¼” bleed                                       $   8,580

Front Page Billboard:  3½” x 2″                                   $   7,645

Front Page Fold-Out Billboard 10 ¼” x 2 1/8”         $   7,645

Insert:                                                                                $   6,930

Collateral Clearance/Overstock                                 $   6,930

Premium Position:                                                          15% surcharge

“E” advertising:                                                              See e-media kit


Special Merchandising Value-Addeds


USAE offers numerous special merchandising value-added benefits to all its advertisers:

  • Guaranteed publication of up-to-950-word e-advertorial news release in each edition in which a print ad appears. All advertorials appear in the ‘e’ ‘turn-the-page’ version.
  • Every issue including Show Dailies e-mailed to 59,000+-name industry list in “turn-the-page” version with clickable links.
  • Eligibility for USAE print and “e” Rewards ads based on year’s total ad buy.
  • All issues offer clickable links in both ads and advertorials.
  • Freedom to run different ad in each issue.



Remnant Space

Occasionally short deadline remnant space is available at reduced cost. Contact sales representatives for details.



USAE is published every Monday. Deadlines for insertion orders and ad art are found in our Editorial Calendar. Show Daily deadlines are generally thirty days prior to the date of issue; weekly issue deadlines are ten days prior to the date of issue. Extensions are possible on request.

Preferred Media

All ads must be supplied electronically. Adobe PDF files are highly preferred. Files must include high resolution graphics (300 dpi or better) and all fonts (screen and printer.)

Ad Sizes

  • Full page: with live area (8.75 x 11.75), bleed (9.5 x 12.5) and trim (9.25 x 12.25)
  • Full page spread: with live area (18 x 11.75); bleed (18.75 x 12.5) and trim (18.5 x 12.25)
  • Half horizontal: live area (8.75 x 6.25) and trim (9.25 x 6.125)
  • Half vertical: live area (4.5 x 11.75) and trim (4.625 x 12.25)

All critical matter and illustrations should be kept at least .25” away from all trim edges.                                                                              


Horizontal bellybands measure 22” wide x 5” tall and MUST center on 11.5”.


Flags measure 21¾” wide x 6” tall. Include a ¼” bleed all around. Flags are 10 7/8” front and 10 7/8” back.



133 line screen. Maximum combined density of 240% with only one solid. Two secondary colors should not exceed 75% each. Any single color not intended to print solid should not exceed 80%. Additional 10% undercolor removal for Cyan. Type should be surprinted in areas having tint values of 30%. Four color reverses should not be smaller than 10 points and only be reversed out of areas having at least 70% tone value in black, magenta, or cyan.


Halftones and Screens

Maximum is equivalent to 133-line screen.


Mechanical Charges

Any work done at any agency or client’s request will be charged, including stripping, halftones, screens, reverses, additional artwork, and typesetting.


Premium Positions

Premium positions (Pages 2, 3 and Inside Back Cover) are available at 15% surcharge.



USAE offers a two percent cash discount for payment either in advance or within 10 days of billing.



Since USAE is published both in print and ‘turn-the-page’ “E” versions; regardless of print size, all ‘turn-the-page’ “E” ads are in a full-page format with a landing page link.

It is our recommendation when sending ad art that clients use the print rate card spec for print; and use the following for desktop/tablet and mobile. Desktop/Tablet: 690 px (wide) x 892 px (tall)


The Fine Print


Hold Harmless

Printing/Paper Stock: USAE is printed on a digital press on 70-pound No. 2 coated white stock. The publisher shall not be liable, nor provide any replacements, credits or refunds for variations in registration, color matching, color tones, reverses out of four-color, variations within a single color, etc. on any given copy of the paper due to the inherent nature of printing four-color process ads on 70-pound coated stock on a digital press.

The publisher shall not be liable, nor provide any replacements, credits or refunds for inserts accidentally placed on any given copy of the paper on either the wrong page or in the wrong position on the page.


Reflow Errors

Publisher shall not be responsible for copy reflow errors which may occur as digital files are transferred from electronic files to printer’s plates.


Cancellations, Liability

The publisher may reject or cancel any advertising at any time.

Cancellations as well as changes in insertion orders will not be accepted by the publisher after the closing date. Cancellations must be in writing and none are considered accepted until confirmed in writing by the publisher.

Publisher shall not be liable for any failure to print, publish or circulate all or any portion of an issue in which an advertisement accepted by the publisher is contained if such failure is due to acts of God, strikes, accidents or other circumstances beyond the publisher’s control.

In consideration of publication of an advertisement, the advertiser and the agency, jointly, severally will indemnify and hold harmless, USAE, its officers, agents and employees against expenses (including legal fees) and losses resulting from the publication of the contents of the advertisement, including, without limitations, claims or suits for libel, violation of right of privacy, copyright infringement or plagiarism.


Failure To Pay

If you fail to pay us any sums due us under the terms specified above and we must collect those sums through an attorney or other means you agree to pay the full amount due us (both principal and interest) plus all attorney fees or other fees.

We each agree that the exclusive jurisdiction for the resolution of all disputes arising out of this agreement is Montgomery County, Maryland. We each further waive all defenses of jurisdiction and venue which could be raised in an action brought in these courts.

Our failure to insist upon strict compliance with any term in this document at any time is to be considered an indulgence only; and any such failure on our part will not operate to waive our rights under this agreement in any way.

These terms make up our entire agreement and there are no terms, promises, representations or expectations in this transaction other than what is written, typed, and printed on this rate card. No printed terms can be altered by anyone except by the Publisher and then only in writing.


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