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William D. Talbert III (right), President and CEO of the Greater Miami CVB, and Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber (left) are shown here at the groundbreaking ceremony for a new 5.8-acre park at the Miami Beach Convention Center in early May. The park is planned to complete this Fall.
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NRA Leaked Documents Show LaPierre Billed Ackerman McQueen Thousands in Expenses

By Todd McElwee

Leaked National Rifle Association (NRA) documents show Executive Vice President & CEO Wayne LaPierre billed ad agency Ackerman McQueen Inc. for hundreds of thousands of dollars in clothing, travel and other expenses, including rent for a summer intern.

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Explore St. Louis Continues Celebrity TV Campaign

By Jonathan Trager

Explore St. Louis on May 8 launched the second phase of its “In the Know” TV campaign: commercials featuring actor John Goodman, a native of the city.

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Attorneys GeneralInvestigating Antitrust Violations Involving Major Hotel Companies, OTAs

By Grant Broadhurst

Did major hotel companies and online travel agencies conspire to not compete with each other for certain branded keyword advertising opportunities in internet searches? The Attorney General of Utah – along with other state attorney generals – is investigating to find out.

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Modern Military Association of America Formed
by Merger of Armed Forces Organizations

By Todd McElwee

Initiated in the wake of the Trump Administration implementing a transgender military ban, the American Military Partner Association (AMPA) and OutServe-SLDN have merged to form the nation’s largest nonprofit dedicated to education, advocacy and support for LGBTQ service members, military spouses, veterans, family members and allies: the Modern Military Association of America (MMAA). OutServe-SLDN Executive Director and Navy veteran Andy Blevins has been named MMAA’s Executive Director.

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2019 E-Blast and
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HOTS Learns of Mysterious Manuscript Deciphered… It baffled the FBI and even Alan Turing – the British mathematician who figured out how to break codes generated by the Nazi’s Enigma machine. But after a century of conjecture, Dr. Gerard Cheshire, a research assistant at the University of Bristol, says he has figured out the Voynich manuscript, reported the BBC. The Voynich manuscript is a text dated to the mid-15th century that contains a strange language that is both familiar and unfamiliar to scholars as well as intriguing illustrations. It’s sparked plenty of theories – many of them “out there” – but it turns out the language is proto-Romance, which was once common in the Mediterranean but also the language folks wrote stuff in (since Latin had that honor). So is it about a parallel world? Adventures to the center of the earth? Instructions on how to transmute lead into gold? Love potion recipes? Sadly, no. According to Dr. Cheshire, it’s a reference book written by nuns for Marie of Castile, Queen of Aragon. So that was a century of mystery for a mild disappointment, but apparently the linguists are excited.


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