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Georgie, a ten-week-old female Yellow Labrador Retriever puppy is the newest canine ambassador at the
Fairmont Washington, D.C. Georgetown. Georgie checked in November 5. She’s pictured here with hotel GM and Regional Vice President
Mark Huntley with whom she lives when she’s not greeting guests. Georgie was bred by Guiding Eyes for the Blind.

Is a Merger on Horizon Between Caesars
and MGM?

By Grant Broadhurst

Getting hitched in Vegas on a whim is a national cliché. But gambling giants MGM Resorts International and Caesars Entertainment are reportedly carefully considering tying their wagons together.

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Miami Beach Voters Green Light Convention Center Hotel Project

By Jonathan Trager

For proponents of a Miami Beach convention center hotel, the third time was the charm.
After two failed attempts, it was finally a sweeping victory for the highly anticipated project on Nov. 6, when balot item #388 amassed nearly 64% of the vote. A supermajority of more than 60% was required in order to lease public land in the convention center district.

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Girl Scouts Sue Boy Scouts

By Todd McElwee

Girl Scouts of the United States of America (GSUSA) has filed a federal lawsuit in Manhattan against Boy Scouts of America (BSA) due to it dropping the word “boy” from its scouting program’s title and welcoming in girls.
GSUSA said the rebrand could confuse the public, marginalize its efforts and that BSA does not have a monopoly on the words “scouts” or “scouting” when dealing with girls.

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Destinations International Hosts Second
Advocacy Summit

By Jonathan Trager

Attendance at Destinations International’s second Advocacy Summit held Nov. 8-9 more than doubled from its debut last year, increasing from about 50 to more than 130.
The event took place at Warwick Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia. An opening reception was held at R2L Restaurant on Nov. 7.

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2018/2019 E-Blast and
Turn the Page Hot Dates


Mickey Mouse Turns 90… In November 1928, Mickey Mouse steamed onto the world stage in the cartoon “Steamboat Willie,” thrilling audiences with his mousescapades before the actual feature film Gang War came on. Ninety years later, Gang War is forgotten but the famous mouse has survived the Great Depression, World War II, the counter-culture movements of the 1960s, the questionable fashions of the 1970s, the Cold War, the internet and years of scheming by Mortimer Mouse. HOTS thinks this is impressive considering mice don’t live that long and usually tend to be regarded as pests, not global cultural icons. But even as Mickey Mouse celebrates his 90th birthday, he seems as ageless as HOTS – and his popularity doesn’t seem to be waning. In another 90 years, will adults and children alike still know and love Mickey Mouse – by then a character just shy of 200 years old? HOTS thinks so; Disney will ensure it. After all, in just over 20 years, The Wizard of Oz movie will be 100 years old but its music remains perennial. The Mouse is in the house to stay.


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