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On July 9, Mayor Muriel Bowser help cut the ribbon for Major League Soccer’s D.C. United’s Audi Field in Washington, D.C. Here (left to right): Councilmember Brandon Todd; Councilmember Charles Allen; Loren Angelo, Audi North America; Erick Thohir, DC United; Wayne Rooney, DC United; Bowser; Jason M. Levien, D.C. United; and Councilmember Jack Evans, are joined by youth from DC Scores.

Despite No Final 2017 Report, Destinations
International Heralds Positive Financial

By Jonathan Trager

Destinations International officials say the association and foundation are heading in a positive fiscal direction, though a final financial report for 2017, which was expected to have been provided at its annual convention last week, wasn’t on hand.

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British Cave Rescue Council Dives
Into Action Helping Rescue Thai Boys

By Todd McElwee

Shakespeare’s iconic line “Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more” from Act 3, Scene 1 of Henry V could be adopted by a collection of the Bard’s countrymen: The British Cave Rescue Council (BCRC.)

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Omni Houston Drowning Lawsuit Draws Plaintiff’s Denials

By Grant Broadhurst

The American Society of Anesthesiologists has declined to keep San Francisco in its convention rotation beyond 2023, citing concerns about street safety, USAE has learned

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Financial “Clouds Have Lifted,” Says Destinations
International CEO Welsh

By Jonathan Trager

“The clouds have lifted — they’re gone,” Don Welsh, President & CEO of Destinations International, told an annual meeting audience in Anaheim on July 11.

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Killer Books… One shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but what if that cover can kill? Researchers at the University of Southern Denmark recently found three Renaissance-era books in their school library’s rare book collection with killer covers coated in arsenic, according to Live Science. It turns out no one was trying to murder Danish academics. Rather, the researchers think some well-intentioned Victorians probably painted the covers with deadly green paint as a kind of pesticide. Funnily enough, the likely color – Paris Green – was used in various forms by painters of the era, which means there could be deadly consequences for licking a Van Gogh. Well, other than arrest, imprisonment, public vilification and a nasty taste in one’s mouth.


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