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NYSAE held its 100th Anniversary Celebration luncheon on March 6 at the New York Marriott Marquis. From left to right: Gerry Thiers, Chair of NYSAE; Charlotte St. Martin, President of The Broadway League; Vijay Dandapani, President and CEO of the Hotel Association of New York City; Joel Dolci, CEO of NYSAE; and Charles Flateman, SVP of Marketing at the Shubert Organization. Photo by Joseph Rodriguez

Tax Exempts Such as Associations Also Subject
to Golden Parachute Rule

By Todd McElwee

The Treasury Department has issued a notice stating even if an organization’s five highest paid executives earn less than $1 million, it could still be subject to the 21% excise tax on executive compensation as part of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA.)

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Lack of Funding Causes Lawsuit Against
Miss America Organization to be Dismissed

By Todd McElwee

Plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the Miss America Organization have run out of money to continue the legal action. Accordingly they have told the court they wished the suit to be “dismissed without prejudice.”

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Marriott’s Sorenson Testifies Before Senate Subcommittee on Data Breach

By Grant Broadhurst

The breach of the Starwood reservation system that exposed 383 million guest records since 2014 is a learning opportunity if nothing else. It’s also a lesson for a test without end.

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Destinations International Unveils 2019 Business Plan

By Jonathan Trager

Destinations International has released its 2019 Business Plan, providing a 22-page roadmap of “strategic goals and objectives” for the organization.

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2019 E-Blast and
Turn the Page Hot Dates


HOTS has learned that Destination International’s own Don Welsh will soon be donning a new hairstyle — or the absence of one. That’s because the association leader has agreed to have his head completely shaved to benefit St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a nonprofit that raises funding for pediatric cancer research. Welsh will appear at the “Brave the Shave” event on March 22 in Indianapolis, where Leonard Hoops, Visit Indy’s President & CEO, and Chris Gahl, Visit Indy’s Sr. Vice President of Marketing & Communications, will do the honors. When HOTS checked before USAE went to press, just under $6,000 had been raised toward Welsh’s goal of $10,000. Those interested in donating may do so at Go Don!


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