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A gas explosion on April 10 devastated an area of Durham, N.C.

Durham, N.C., Celebrates Sesquicentennial despite Explosion

By Jonathan Trager

Despite disaster, Durham decided the show must go on.
The city forged ahead with festivities to commemorate the city’s 150th anniversary days after a massive gas explosion killed a coffee shop owner, injured 25 others, and destroyed or damaged 15 buildings.

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Amy Calvert Named CEO of Events Industry Council

By Todd McElwee

Amy Calvert has seen all sides of the meetings industry serving with DMOs, hotels and as a volunteer association leader. And now, in what she calls “a natural progression,” Calvert’s purview has extended to serving the entire sector in being named CEO of the Events Industry Council (EIC).

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Man Accused of Intending to Run Over Tourists in
ISIS-Inspired Attack on National Harbor

By Grant Broadhurst

Death and destruction nearly became the fate of convention and tourist destination National Harbor, Maryland.

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Miss America Not Returning to Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall

By Todd McElwee

The Miss America competition is on the search for a place to hang its tiara.
The Miss America Organization (MAO) and the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA) have jointly announced the pageant will not return to Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall in 2019, vacating its traditional home due to unsustainable costs.

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Nonessential Brews… In a move that is sure to consternate coffee addicts everywhere, the Swiss government has decided that coffee is “not essential for life,” according to the BBC. By 2022, Switzerland was to reverse a decades-long policy during which the Swiss government deemed coffee absolutely essential to surviving bad stuff like wars or natural disasters. Between World War One and World War Two, Switzerland started stockpiling coffee against the dark days it anticipated lay ahead. Right now, it has more than 15,000 tons of coffee stockpiled. That sounds like a lot to HOTS, but apparently it’s only enough to keep the Swiss population caffeinated for a measly three months. After that, HOTS supposes Swiss society will devolve into a Mad Max style world where people wield cappuccino makers in an endless struggle to get a taste – just a taste! - of the dark brew. The Swiss government pointed out that coffee has almost no calories, but HOTS has a question: Why don’t we eat coffee beans like other beans? Anyone up for some baked (coffee) beans with that hamburger?


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